Some Alone Moments in Gold Coast & Brisbane

When Fujifilm introduced the Classic Chrome film simulation, I was somehow "in love" with this colour rendition. So during my Gold Coast & Brisbane holiday trip with my family last month, I spent a morning at Gold Coast beach and shot the sunrise with Classic Chrome film simulation, using X-T1 Graphite Silver with 14mm f2.8.

The cloud was thick and somehow blocked the sun.

To me, Classic Chrome is not a good choice for shooting sunrise or sunset. But when the sky turned blue, that's where the magic happened.

I really love how Classic Chrome rendered blue colour.

When we were back in Brisbane, I took "a day off" from my family and spent the whole day in Brisbane city for a photo walk.

Although it was winter during that time, the temperature was around 16 to 20 degrees celsius, good enough for me walking around without getting sweaty easily.

This was my first "actual" street shooting session after I totally switched to Fujifilm system and I must say I enjoyed every single moment. There was a pretty young lady approached me, asking me about the camera in my hand during my photo walk. She told me she has a X-M1 and asked me the differences of her's with mine. It was a short and pleasant chat. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of her which I am still regretting at this very moment. :P

During the walk, I encountered this very interesting car with a crown at the number plate area. There was a man in black, looked like a bodyguard nearby but I was too coward to ask him about the car. In fact, when I was taking this picture, I can feel his eyes were on me through his sunglasses. Haha!

Skyscrapers, light reflections, best work with wide angle for my personal taste.

And the way the light falls on the buildings, I just couldn't stop pressing the shutter.

After I have done with the wide shots, I put away the 14mm, pulled out the 56mm from my bag and shot everything in wide open.

f1.2 in broad daylight? Indeed it was fun!

Thanks to the electronic shutter which can crank up the shutter speed up to 1/32000 sec, I was able to get these shots at f1.2.

And the sharpness at f1.2, beyond words to describe.

During winter time of Brisbane, the sunset is around 5pm. When the light was almost gone, I put back the 14mm on the camera and did a few more shots.

Well, definitely not the best spot for cityscape shooting I must say. I should have stop walking further 15 minutes ago as the location during that time was with much better cityscape view.

Classic Chrome film simulation with jpeg straight out of the camera, I do love it!

I am seriously considering doing a fashion work with this film simulation output. Who's buying it? :P

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