Rapid Changing & Shooting!!

I was in a rush, she was in a hurry. Sometimes proper planing might not turnout as planned due to "accidents". We had to squeeze 6 hours shooting plan into 2 hours and that was intense!

After browsed through the photos, still my same old shooting style, not much difference. Well, I need to improve myself to shoot in an intense environment, yet still can get the results that I want. :)



Monday Morning Colours

Woke up very early in the morning today. Going to work? Nope...but going for a photo shoot, hoping to get a good sunrise photo today. Why Monday you may ask? Is there any rules saying that we cannot take photos on Monday? :)

Apparently, the sun didn't show up and was hiding behind the cloud. :(

The last 2 photos, I call them Monday Blue and you know why. :P

Have to prepare for my work now. Good morning folks!