KB is not Kilobyte...it's Kota Bahru

Had a business trip to Kota Bahru last Monday. My very first Fireflyz flight experience actually went quite well. Before boarding the staff announced that the boarding gate has been changed to another one, which was only few steps away from the original gate and it was around 11.30am. The plane scheduled take off time was 11.45am but the passengers only started boarding at about 11.40am. Compare to other airlines, this was very last minute.

This was the plane I boarded.

The propeller of the plane and I was just sitting next to it.

The plane took off at about 11.50am due to some delay according to the pilot announcement. A little bit shaky during the take off, or maybe it was just my imagination? :P As usual, I took out my camera and snapped a few photos from the sky.

One of the "prides" of Penang, the Penang Bridge. If you want to experience traffic jam above the sea, this will be the perfect place for you. From half an hour to two three hours, you named it. You can actually stop the car, come down, have a cigarette and also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Penang on the bridge. But seriously, without this bridge the traffic system in Penang will be ten times worst. Anyway, bridge expansion job is in the progress and hopefully this will help smoothen the traffic.

The plane reached the sky of Kota Bahru in about 40 minutes and touched down at about 12.45pm. Nothing much too talk about the business part. It is always about meeting, system demonstration, Q & A session and try to fullfill the requirements of the client. After almost three and a half hours of tensioned mind, I had a short tour around Kota Bahru.

Second World War Memorial

Plane propeller...again??!!

The oldest library in Kelantan.

Outside the old palace of Kelantan and by the way, Kota Bahru is the capital of Kelantan and Kelantan is one of the states in Malaysia.

The new happening place in Kota Bahru with shoping mall and apartments.

Most popular hangout spot in Kota Bahru for youngsters. A bottle of cold beer by the river bank maybe? Sorry, no alcoholic drinks allow in Kelantan.

Sunset at Kelantan River.

Took a night bus back to Penang after dinner as the next flight back to Penang was the next day morning. This was my third visit to Kota Bahru. First time was about twelve years ago, a business trip and second time was like seven years ago, a dance performance...O.o


It's Valentine's Day!!!

No such thing as "if we love each other, everyday is Valentine's Day". Every 14th of Feb, we must at least do something for the one we love. You can buy present, bring him or her to a nice restaurant and have a crowded dinner with the rest of the couple...yup...that's the whole point. Having those Valentine's Day set menu is not the way we like. We have tried that, the food was terrible and the service sucked due to the overwhelming responses.

This year, just like the previous two or three years, we continued made ourselves a homemade style valentine dinner.

What do you think of a place like this, having valentine dinner with your other half?

This year, we made ourselves beef stew as soup and rib eye steak as our main course.

We also had a bottle of red wine, a present from our friend.

The rib eye steak with mashed potatoes, asparagus and carrot.

Oh ya...the steak was with black pepper onion sauce.

What do you think of the photo? :P

The soup, beef stew...whoo whoa...I can finish 2 bowls...heehee...

What made this year's homemade valentine dinner special was this...We had dessert!!

Chocolate brownies and guess what...I baked this...haha! :P

We do not consider ourselves chocoholic but we are very near...She loves dark chocolate and I like sweeten chocolate with raisin. Anything related to chocolate is our favourite!

The whole setup...simple and nice...in my humble little opinion.

We eat, we drink, we talk...

and I take photos. ^__^

After we finished the food, we continued our enjoyment with Shandy and brownies until night falls.

It was a great night and Happy Valentine's Day my dear. :)


Jade Emperor 's Birthday Celebration

Every 9th day of Chinese New Year is the Jade Emperor's birthday. It is a very important day for Hokkien. My family is Cantonese so no grand celebration and I have been celebrating this day with Doris's family for all these years.

Part of the offering table. You will find vermicelli with red egg and dried Logan.

The front part of the table will only put non meat stuffs like fruits, and sugar cane is a must for the offering. At the back were the roasted pig, with chicken and duck.

Hmm...pink panther in the house...:P

A must-do-thing during the celebration...ahem...

What you see in the center were the paper dolls represent all the family members with a "gui ren" (a lucky charm in Mandarin I suppose) in the front who will guide all of us to a prosperous year ahead.

A giant dragon joss-stick.

Huat ah!! Huat ah!!

Gold paper burning, represents the offering of wealth to the Jade Emperor.

Again...Huat ah!!! Huat ah!!!

Gong Xi Fatt Chai to all my friends and family members!!

Nature Wonderer

Made another series about the nature. Not so "down" comparing to the previous series which was also about the nature. The model is my cousin sister, and this was the first time I work with my relative...haha!

See her wondering in the nature.

By the way, is it "wonder" or "wander"? :P