My First Birthday Celebration After The Marriage

I received a complaint from my dear wife, already more than six month I never write anything in my blog. I told her, because I record my life with a camera instead of a pen...errrr...or shall I say keyboard. haha! "But you also never upload any photos to your blog?" errrr...okay...you win. >.<

This was my first tryout with Canon 550D during a lovely birthday dinner arranged by Doris. The place is Suffolk House, a lovely fine dining restaurant.

And you all should already know who is this pretty lady in the photo. :P

Simple and clean table setting

It was a full course dinner, starting with this, finished in one bite. XD

Followed by this, filled with curry chicken.

Third was the salad.

Then a small cup of soup. :P

Still not yet main course. XD

My main course, beef tenderloin. :P~~~

Doris's main course, cod fish. :D

Full course can't go without dessert. XD

After the dinner, we had a small walk around Suffolk House. Nice place indeed.

Thank you darling for arranging a very nice and pleasant birthday dinner. Muakss!