Are you going to finish strong?

Everyday, we never stop facing blockage, discouragement, failure and what should we do about that? Do we give up? or do we keep on trying until we reach our goals and success? It's the matter of your own choice. If you are someone with a perfectly healthy body and still choose to give up, please watch this video. His name is Nick Vujicic. Be inspired.

Something to share with you all in this busy afternoon of mine. :P


Bring up the heat!!!

The weather recently is very strange. Although it rains all the time but seems like the down pour still not able to cool down the earth. I'm not sure whether these photos will bring up the temperature or not. But during the shooting, it was very hot. Why? Because this shooting was done with a 600w tungsten light, continuous light source. I did it same time with the previous post shooting, Fantasy. Model complained...bright and hot!! Anyway, I am satisfy with the outcome. :) Thanks to my model, and my beloved assistant of course, for the success of this tryout.

Heat up!!


The True Meaning of Dance

What is our definition of DANCE? To express our feelings, no words, no sophisticate complicated techniques, to build a caring and loving society through dance. As simple as that.

I am touch by this video clip found in Youtube. That's how DANCE should be.



Nothing big or fancy, just want to share a portraiture work of mine. two minutes post processing. Hope you all like it. :)


Two Rainbows

It was a cloudy day when Doris and I were driving around Penang island for some "research". And all out of a sudden she pointed to the sky and said, "look at the sky! There are two rainbows!" For the first time in my life, I am seeing two rainbows in the sky. People said if you make a wish when you see two rainbows, the wish will come true. We both quickly made a wish and I snapped a photo with the DC in hand.

Making a wish is only the first step. We are now working towards our goals, for our wish to come true. ^__^d